Sometimes, God does make things easy

Back in September, I replaced my 1998 Toyota Corolla with a Honda Civic. I’m quite happy with it, but we never got around to doing anything about the Corolla. We were planning on donating it like we did our 1990 Nissan 240sx, but there have been other things keeping us from getting around to it. As a result, it’s just been sitting on the street.

Around Wednesday, we noticed a note on the windshield saying that if we were interested in selling the car, call. How did he know it was for sale? I mean it was only sitting in the street for the last 9 weeks and had a 1/4? of dirt all over it.

Well, I called “Mike” and spoke with him about it and he said it was for his wife after then had a baby and wanted to have a second car for her to get around town in. He came by about 30 minutes later, asked quite a few questions while he figuratively “kicked-the-tires”. I originally asked for about 60% Kelley Blue Book and he offered $500 less. I debated about countering, but he really was saving me a lot of trouble and it all ends up as “found money.”

He’ll be coming back tomorrow to complete the transaction (he needed to get the cash and I needed to get the papers).

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