Don’t bother and just give ’em the cake

Since yesterday was our work day, we went out to dinner last night. One of Becky and my favorite places is The Original Roadhouse Grill which the kids hadn’t been to before. It was a nice meal and the kids enjoyed the whole eat-the-peanut-and-throw-the-shell-on-the-floor thing.

While we were there, there were at least three different birthdays at nearby tables. At Roadhouse, like most restauraunts, the servers come by and bring you a piece of cake and sing a little birthday song before getting back to their normal stations.

The problem, tough, is that the singing is very anemic. This is not a complaint specifically about Roadhouse as it is often the case at other restauraunts, too. Don’t get me wrong, I understand the problem. The servers are busy with their own customers, they feel a bit foolish when singing, and part of them probably doesn’t want to embarass the guest. My opinion (like you wanted it) is that if you can’t muster the energy to sing with some sincerity, don’t bother and just give ’em the cake.

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