It works for us

We have a tradition in our family. One Saturday a month (although we aren’t terribly consistant with that), we work. What that means is we do whatever needs to be done around the house, cleaning, straightening, various projects, etc. No playing, just work. At the end of the day, if enough work is done (which seems to always happen), we go out to dinner.

Yesterday was our first work day in a bit. I worked on finishing the garage (I’m getting closer, but will probably need another weekend or two to get it all done) and Becky and the kids worked on cleaning the loft (purging old toys, puzzles, and games, mostly).

It worked out pretty well. The kids didn’t want to give up their toys even though we were paying $1-a-bag for donatable items. Becky and I will probably get rid of the bottom layer of toys the next time they are away.

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