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If you’re even half-way plugged into things, you’ve most likely heard that Apple announced the next version of their iPhone. Now called the iPhone 3G, they have revised it in some pretty decent ways. They’ve made it a full “3G” phone using AT&T’s HSDPA for downloading email and web pages at about twice the speed as the original EDGE. They’ve also added GPS support. The one thing they’ve taken away is $200. It now costs $199 in exchange for a two year service contact commitment.

Am I going to get one? Not likely. Surfing at twice the speed is nice, but considering the higher-speed data plan is $10 more per month ($40 versus the current $30) I don’t see enough value in the upgrade.

There is the new 2.0 upgrade of the OS which is standard on the 3G but will also be made available for free to existing phones. They have focused quite a bit on main aspects of the OS which are enterprise support and 3rd party application support. I’m interested in that and will have it with the phone I have now when the upgrade is released next month. They haven’t listed completely what is included with the upgrade, but here are the things I either know they aren’t doing or aren’t sure:

  • Video support for the camera
  • Wireless podcast downloads
  • Wireless syncing (iTunes)
  • Document storage (I want to store and read PDFs)
  • Flash support (kinda don’t care)
  • Keychain support (partially resolved with the excellent 1Password)

I’m just glad that Omni Group has committed to producing an iPhone version of OmniFocus. That I will buy.

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