It’s too bad

First, apologies for not blogging lately. Yes, I’ve been busy, but not so much not to be able to write. Sorry.

I’m in San Francisco this week attending Apple’s World Wide Developer Conference on behalf of my employer. They’ve done a good job with providing an IT track and this year is no different. The one thing that is different is the extensive iPhone track for all the developers and IT shops looking into producing applications for the handheld. Having seen some of the applications, there is no question that the iPhone (and iPod Touch) is a full computer.

The overlap of the two tracks pertains to the enterprise support that is forthcoming in the 2.0 release of the OS X Touch OS (what runs on the devices). Apple will be providing tools for establishing policies for an organization’s handhelds and performing security functions like remote kill (for a lost device). We don’t have any specific plans for iPhones at work, but I did want to understand how things work in case it comes up.

Unfortunately, I attended a session yesterday that pretty much ruled out iPhones for us. As an attendee I am under NDA and as such can’t go into any details, but suffice it to say there are some fundamental deficiencies in the initial enterprise support that prevents me from recommending it to my managers. Since we didn’t have any plans, nobody is going to really care. Most likely they’ll chalk it up as yet another way Apple is showing how they just don’t get enterprise customers.

I suppose it’s all for good as I wouldn’t be keen on carrying two phones.

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