Feeding my retro geek

Information Society-SynthesizerBack in 1988 I became a fan of Information Society. I have purchased almost every album they have made and even picked up a few bootleg recordings. I was also fortunate enough to see them perform live at Becky’s Grad Night at Disneyland in 1989. I don’t listen to them too often anymore, but about once a year I go through a period where I’m in the mood for my favorite tracks.

Surprisingly enough, the founding members have reunited and produced a new album: Synthesizer. My initial reaction to the :30 second samples on iTunes was not overwhelming but that was due to the fact their sound has changed from what I was accustomed to. A lot happens in 15 years (since they original members produced an album).

After listening to the album several times, I have to say that it is very cool to hear them again. They have combined their musical styles that have grown with the classic electronic sounds and have yet managed to make it sound contemporary. The main single, Back in the Day, has elements reminiscent of Kraftwerk which is one of the first albums I ever listened to. Very cool listening.

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