Deepest Sender isn’t working. Argh.

I use a Firefox extension called Deepest Sender to edit and submit posts to this blog from within Firefox. In the hopes of posting an article or two this morning, I was frustrated to find out that for some unknown reason, the extension can’t log into my blog to do any postings.

I little googling indicates that it has something to do with the xmlrpc.php file in WordPress. I tried a few things but with no luck. So, I’m stuck having to log into the blog itself. Not a big deal and I won’t use it as an excuse for not posting, but it is frustrating none-the-less.

If you learn of a fix, please let me know. Likewise, if I find a solution, I’ll update this article.

Pick a theme, any theme (almost)

In the sidebar of the front page, there’s now a popup that lets you select which theme you would like to view this blog with. The cool thing is that it is a per user (per browser, actually) setting so everyone can see something different. If you have a theme you’d like me to add, just let me know.

Deepest Sender – Blogging right from Firefox

I’ve been working on switching to Mozilla Firefox as my primary browser. More specifically, I’m switching to Firefox on the Mac (from Safari) as I’ve used Firefox on Linux and Windows since 2004. One of the nicest things about Firefox is the fact it has extension that add to the functionality. One extension I discovered today (and in fact, being used right now for this post) is Deepest Sender. This extension brings up a separate window with a prett decent WYSIWYG/HTML editor to write a post in and then sends it right to your blog.