This time I’m headed West

Tomorrow I’m going on a business trip to Tokyo for the week. It’s kinda exciting since it’s my first time but it is always tough to be away from my family (they don’t like it much either).

Two things come to mind about the trip. First, I’ve been taking Japanese lessons for almost a year. My confidence is rather low on my language abilities, though. I’ll have to force myself to use what I know when I can. If nothing else, I’ll keep my ears open in the hopes that immersion solidifies a lot of the vocabulary that I’m having trouble learning.

The other thing is what happened the last time I travelled internationally. Like with London, I wouldn’t mind an extra week in Japan, but coming back when expected is my preference.

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  1. I’ll be quite curious of your impressions of Tokyo, Japan in general, and the people, especially in light of the Japanese course.

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