Goodbye, Mocha

Becky gave me a call today at work to let me know that one of our cats, Mocha, was behaving very oddly and had himself ‘stuck’ in a corner, crying, panting, and not terribly responsive to any interactions. Fortunately, I had already addressed the most important things to accomplish at work, so I was able to come home early. By the time I arrived, he was clearly not going to rebound so we said our goodbye’s and waited for the inevitable.

He was our first ‘child’ with us adopting him the Summer of ’94 shortly after we got married. He was a member of the family even before there was a family. Both kids grew up with him and we all have fond memories of his endearing style of aloofness. A few years ago, we joked that due to the relative ages, all four of our pets then might die somewhat close together. With our dog, Casey, dying last year on Brian’s birthday, it’s not so funny.

So now, we’re down to two. The big dog is healing and bounding around more than I would be if I had stitches in my butt just a few days ago. The other cat, Bella, is probably happy that there’s less competition.

Thanks, Mocha, for the memories. I’m glad he was able to enjoy one last Christmas (he always loved the tree).

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