Now all we need are some fish

Our two dogs have done a number on our back yard. I’ve fought off-and-on for years trying to keep the lawn in reasonable shape, but just couldn’t make it work. Combine that with the fact Becky has always wanted a waterfall we decided that it was worth investigating.

We decided to dive in, so-to-speak, and last week replaced a significant portion of our small yard with a waterfall and pond. It was installed/built by Exotic Aquatics who did a wonderful job (thanks, Brian). It turned out to be both larger and more impressive than I, at least, had imagined.

You can see a few pictures of the progress and the result on the gallery album. We’ll be going fish shopping this weekend as fish represent an important component of the whole ecosystem. Of course, my friend at work thinks I should just liberate a few from the gigantic koi pond at the Karl Strauss Brewery next to work but we’ll go the more honest route.

I’m sure there will be additional stories and pictures as this whole thing develops. I’ll keep you posted.

One thought on “Now all we need are some fish

  1. What, you don’t think that the Strauss fish *want* to go? You think fish don’t dream of a place in the ‘burbs, a pond for just me and the wife, where we can raise our fish away from all the drunkards and battered cod?

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