A thought about carry-on baggage

I got a nice captain’s bag suitcase last year since I travel enough to really appreciate the rollers and handle. On the plus side, it’s one of the larger ones which allows me to take all that I need plus has room left over for the geek gear I also like to bring along (chargers, spare WiFi router, cables, etc.). The down side of that size, however, is that it is generally too big to fit end-in in the overhead compartment in the plane.

I should note that to keep hassles and complications to a minimum, I go out-of-my-way to not check baggage whenever possible. In the dozen-or-so flights I’ve taken with it, there’s only been one time there wasn’t enough room and I had to have the bag checked. No biggie, but I have learned to take the first available space I can find as I board the plane. Since you exit the plane in the reverse, it actually works out well since my bag is generally closer to the exit from where I’m sitting.

The question is if that is not the correct thing to do or if I’m breaking some form of etiquette in flying. Am I preventing someone from having their bag near where they’re sitting? What if the compartments in my vicinity are full and I must put my bag further back in the plane? Am I denying those passengers their (entitled?) space?

What are your thoughts? First come, first served? If you disagree, does it help my case that, due to my aisle preference, I am usually the last ‘zone’ to board?

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