Sometimes, it’s fun being a tourist

Becky and I went away this past weekend though we didn’t go far. Like our last trip which was in our old haunts of Cardiff-by-the-Sea, we decided to stay in downtown San Diego. Specifically, The Westgate Hotel.

Not only did we stay in a hotel in a town we’ve effectively lived in our whole lives, we then proceded to do many of the standard “touristy” things common for the area:

  • We went to Historic Old Town
  • We walked around Horton Plaza
  • We had drinks at the Beach bar at the W Hotel (interesting, but the hotel is pretty pretentious)
  • Walked on the beach (Silver Strand)
  • Saw Amadeus at the Lamb’s Players Theatre in Coronado (really well done and David Cochran Heath gave a stellar performance as Salieri)
  • Had breakfast at The Living Room (SDSU location)
  • Walked around Belmont Park and had lunch at Canes
  • Went to a house party hosted by my manager
  • Enjoyed a pedicab trour of downtown
  • Walked on the beach (Cardiff-by-the-Sea)
  • Had lunch at our favorite Mexican restauraunt

It really was an enjoyable time and the best part, of course, was that I spent it with my wife.

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