Twitter Updates for 2010-04-17

  • Hard crash corrupted my mail prefs. Got older copy via VPN from work server. Time Machine FTW! #
  • On hold with travel agent to move my most certainly to-be-canceled Sat flight to Sun. I wonder why the long hold time? #
  • Got my room extended for Sat night. Charing £210. How reasonable. #sellersmarket #
  • @WilHarris Can you link the the wallpaper? in reply to WilHarris #
  • What's with my typing? Most of my tweets have had at least one typo. Sorry. #
  • After an hour on hold, no available flights on Sunday. Booked on Monday. Hotel extended, too. Weekend in London, now what? #
  • I got a kick that the UK paper The Independent is calling this "Ash Thursday." #
  • No, seriously, I now have all day Saturday and all day Sunday to tour in and around London. Suggestions? Museum, show, countryside? #
  • I don't mind being alone or touring alone (I like to just wander) but I really don't like eating alone (esp at a restaraunt). Too sad. #

One thought on “Twitter Updates for 2010-04-17

  1. Mike, We have been staying abreast of your situation via Becky’s email. What a mixed blessing for you – torn between wanting to be home with your family and being in a great place with all kinds of history – that speaks English!

    Check with their equivalent “Chamber of Commerce” online to find out the best things to do and have fun! Maybe they have an equivalent “Greyline Bus tour of London.” Those are good because you can get off at stops and board a later one.

    In any case, we hope that Monday is the longest you have to stay there. I am glad you have a hotel room. Of course, you could probably negotiate something with people over there for a ‘free’ tour of your IPAD.(-; LOVE, MOM

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