Happy Birthday, Brian

My son turns a big six today. We had a fun party this past Saturday for at a place near by called Alakazoom. You can check out the website, but think of it as a McDonald’s play place but bigger and without the french frys.

It wasn’t the cheapest way to do a party but it certainly was convenient. We didn’t have to clean the house, board the dogs, decorate, come up with games, or anything that is normally needed when you host a party. We show up, they run the show and the kids have fun. I took some pictures and will hopefully be working to get Gallery set up soon to show you all.

Tonight, we’re going to Souplantation to celebrate and then we’ll have the ceremonial disposal of his car seat which he has been despising for some time now.

One thought on “Happy Birthday, Brian

  1. Yay, Soup! We *love* Souplantation! Happy Birthday Brian, and congrats on getting rid of the car seat! I’m sure they are very uncomfortable. I hope your party was fun!

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