New in Web 2.0: eBible

Web 2.0 is a buzzword that refers to websites that interactively update their content. A good example is Google Maps. This one appears to be a bible search that provides multiple translations and cross references. Unfortunately, this new service is in private beta so I haven’t had a chance to use it yet, but it looks like it will be a good resource.
Of course, if you have a spare invite, please let me know.

Update: Trevor who is working on the site was kind enough to find my email address (I hadn’t registered on the waiting list) and sent me an invite. Very cool of him. Thanks, Trevor.

First impressions from 5 minutes of use: You can search based on reference (i.e. Psalms 119:9-1), word (i.e. Jesus), or topic (i.e. sin). The scripture returned can be scrolled and will auto-load the new content without refreshing the page (that’s the Web 2.0 part). I like the fact you can have up to three Bibles in parallel and commentary is indicated by each verse with a (C) that can be clicked to pop up the note (again, Web 2.0).

The translations currently provided are New Century, The Message, King James, New American Standard (my preference), and New King James. Dictionaries include Nelson’s New Illustrated, Vine’s Complete Expository, and Smith’s. Encyclopedias include Where to Find It In The Bible, New Naves Topical Bible, What Does The Bible Say About, and I Never Knew That Was In The Bible. Finally, commentaries provided are Believer’s Bible Commentary, and Nelson’s New Illustrated Bible Commentary.

All in all a good reference. I’ll have to see if it works reasonabily from my Blackberry’s browser.

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