I’m Still Alive

I know this is the Occasional Blog, but posts have been too far in between (the Twitter posts don’t count). Please forgive me. I’m not dead, just busy. For the sake of an update here are some highlights of the last several weeks.

  • I’m trying to find a Senior Systems Administrator at work (you’d think that Sony Playstation would have stacks of resum├ęs)
  • My daughter turned twelve and after today’s haircut, she looks ready for high school
  • The pond got its spring cleaning a few weeks ago and looks abfab. Too bad the heron got all our koi and we’re left with only 4-5″ feeders
  • We took a family vacation to San Francisco to coincide with spring break and a business meeting
  • The MacBook Mini is working out quite well especially after adding 2G of RAM and an 8G SDHC card
  • I will be going to both E3 (definite) and WWDC (very likely) so June will be busy as well

I’ll do my best to do an actual post soon, but until I can find a candidate, things will still be busy.

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