I am annoyed with city planners

Well, maybe it’s not a city planner’s fault, but yesterday we again affected by a problem with our address. You see, the street we live on is about a half-mile long and has another road that crosses it in the middle. Unfortunately, due to poor planning or some form of administrative error, the numbering on out street decrease in both directions from that intersection (i.e. 10 14 18 intersection 20 16 12).

The problem is, our house is at one end of the street, but if you turn the wrong direction, the house numbers end before it get to ours. You need to turn around and go to the other end to find us. What end up happening is that delivery drivers usually claim our address doesn’t exist. That’s what happened again yesterday. I was waiting for a package to be delivered by DHL which didn’t happen as they claimed the address was invalid. I called them and verified it as well as explaining the problem. They’ll try again today. Hopefully, it works out.

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