My phone is happy (and so am I)

I picked up a Xtand by Just Mobile to use with my iPhone at work. I previously was using a modified Coke can made by a friend of mine but that wouldn’t allow me to stand the phone vertically while using the audio cable (which comes out the bottom).

This new stand is quite nice. Not only does it match the general Apple aesthetic, it swivels to allow the phone to be displayed both portrait and landscape. Now, I can use my phone as a little digital picture frame while I work.

The other plusses are the fact the rubber corners can be removed to allow my phone to sit nicely while still in its silicon case and the best (and unexpected) of all is the fact it resolve the GSM noise problem I have been trying to eliminate for months.

Since I am done with travels for a bit, I am now all set for spending far too much time at my desk. I guess that’s good?

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