Did I say transition?

Almost six months to the day from when I started my transition from staff to manager, today marked my first official day as Manager, Information Technology. Four of my peers for the last three years are now my subordinates.

With some interesting timing, I was just down in San Diego yesterday at LISA 2008 taking two management classes (Management 101: Effective Communication Tools for Sysadmins and Management 201: Effective Team Management of System Administrators). As with any training, the test is in the application. In the hopes to make good education effective, I’m going to GTD a few of the better reference slides for regular review in the hopes that it becomes second-nature.

As I know at least a few of my “peeps” read my blog, I want to publicly thank you for your support and understanding. I hope and pray that I am able to be a manager you can trust and respect.

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