Project 68

As most folks know I have quite a commute. Fifty-six miles door-to-door. It can be a bit of a drag at times, but it was the known down-side when we decided to move up here twelve years ago.

With the increasing price of gas, there is a growing trend for “hypermilers” which are folks that try to get the absolute maximum gas mileage out of their cars. To really make it work, you need to make physical modifications like adding airdams and spoilers. I read an article on it last week and heard that my car (a Honda Civic) is a popular model.

I’m not inclined to put any money into the effort, but I can certainly slow down. I decided, somewhat arbitrarily, to limit myself to 68 mph. It’s a fair amount lower than the 80 or so that I often go. Now, before you react, that speed on I-15 north of Escondido is quite common.

I’ll try to remember to post an update on how it’s going in a week or two.

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