Peay It Forward

Ok, I admit that the title’s lame, but I thought it was fun. You’re here reading this so I suppose it’s not all bad…

As one progresses through life and their career, knowledge and experience naturally accumulate. As you get exposed to new things and tackle the novel or unexpected, you generally amass a significant catalog of skills, insights, and, hopefully, wisdom. Over time, you consciously (and subconsciously) incorporate those numerous learnings into your day-to-day playbook to make yourself more efficient or effective. It happens almost automatically because nobody wants to spend more time or effort on something if they don’t have to.

“What you focus on you get more of.”

Two areas I personally have developed over the years are technology and productivity; not terribly shocking to anyone that knows or works with me. The technical experience is an obvious side-effect of my chosen profession in Information Technology. It is also contributed to significantly by the fact that it’s my hobby and something I’m just interested in.

Similarly, I have a strong penchant for productivity tools and systems. I’m a long time Getting Things Done (GTD) practitioner but also regularly read blogs and books to learn new concepts. I’m always working on improving my ability to separate the important from the unimportant and to increase my focus and decrease distraction. Essential skills in the modern workplace.

In the over fifteen years I’ve managed people, my personality has always led me to invest in those I have the opportunity to work with. Having worked my way up from the ‘trenches’, I can very much relate to those that are younger or less experienced. I used to be right where they are. I have always found it easy to give guidance and encouragement without falling into the trap of giving someone a fish rather than teaching how to fish.

“Everyone has the right to my opinion”

Whenever I think about widely sharing my experience or opinion, I get intimidated and quite uncertain. Who cares what I think? What makes me believe I have some significant contribution to make? Lately, however, I’ve been reflecting on the winding path taken to where I am currently in work and life. I’ve come to realize that I really do want to do more to help others benefit from my experience and interests.

At the time of this writing, I’m working with a popular productivity site to become an occasional contributor to their blog. Plans are still developing, but if it works out, I may have a forum to give back and help many people improve their lives through technology and productivity. Stay posted.

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