Let the experimentation begin

After about 8 months and several notarized letters, I finally received the settlement on the insurance claim for my pond-enabled iPhone. $249 which is the cost of getting it repaired. I figured that would be the amount and wasn’t holding much hope for a complete reimbursement of purchase cost. I had long replaced the phone and now that it’s all settled, I’m free to pursue my options.

Repairing the phone is kinda silly as I would be lucky to get $250 selling it. Becky doesn’t want it and there’s no way I’m letting the kids have it. That leaves me with the “parts” option. There are a few websites that sell parts for iPods and iPhones can since the outside is pristine, I could probably get at least a little bit for it.

Since you can’t kill a dead patient, I will be cutting into the Davey Jones phone and see if I can restore more (full?) functioning. Remember, it did work as a shuffle for a while (it’s been completely dead for the last 2-3 months) so there’s a chance I can have some luck if I do a little refurbishment.

I’ll let you know the status of theĀ cadaverĀ in a follow-up.

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