Mystery solved, but eewwwwww!

My preferred method

So, our house has a detached garage in our backyard. The reason I mention that will make sense in a moment. In that garage, I keep a rat trap placed in the corner as we’ve seen evidence of rats about. No biggie. I check on it every few days and once or twice a year, I dispose of anything that falls victim to it.

About five weeks ago, the rat trap (show left) was missing. Since it’s near some cabinets, I suspected that a trapped rat dragged it behind one of the pedestal. Nope. Under the shelves? No. Next to some bags? Uh uh. It was just gone. Very strange, indeed.

This past weekend I was working on the pond and I saw something at the bottom. I believed that one of the fish had died. Unfortunate, but it happens. When I went to scoop it out, something didn’t look right. I first noticed the nose and whiskers and then quickly saw the trap hanging off the right shoulder. The body was a bit bloated, but that’s to be expected.

I’m glad the mystery is finally solved, but, man, what a way to go.

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