I’m glad I could help, Jason

Jason O’Grady is a tech columnist, blogger, and podcaster that I’ve been following for years (I think back to his MacWeek days). I was listening to his podcast a few weeks ago and he had mentioned having trouble finding a suitable media keyboard to use with a media center Mac. 

As I went through the same trouble with my setup and was very pleased with the Logitech MediaBoard Pro, I dropped him a quick note with my suggestion. After providing some additional information on how to re-map the modifier keys, he let me know today that he wrote the whole thing up for his Apple Core blog over at ZDNet. He was even kind enough to link back here.

In reading the comments on his post, one person complained that such a large keyboard would be lousy to use when watching a movie. That is a true statement which is why I use the bundled Apple Remote with RemoteBuddy by IOSPIRIT. That works much better when we watch shows in EyeTV.

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