A change of scenery

 A kind friend of mine, shared a few new WordPress plug-ins with me for integrating a blog with a Flickr feed: Slickr Gallery and Slickr Widget. I had previously set up Gallery on my site and do have several pictures uploaded, but I liked the idea of leveraging the largest web sharing photo site around. Now, I can simply export any picture I want to share from iPhoto to my Flickr account and they are displayed on the sidebar to the right. Click on a picture and pull up a nice flash-based display of the pictures.

I’m planing on setting it up with the email access option, so I can easily post new pictures when out and about. I’ll be working to migrate the gallery pictures to my Flickr account but will likely leave everything in place until I have to worry about migrating it. That way, my previous posts are still valid.

Can you tell I had a nice time this weekend relaxing? Now, I just wish I didn’t feel like I’m coming down with the same cold that Brian and Becky had last week.

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