A whole rack-full of cool

PS3 RackI don’t write about work too often and that’s usually because I’m not sure what crosses the line of sharing too much. Fortunately, I don’t have to worry about it if someone else makes things public first.

SCEA (my employer), started a public blog a little bit ago and a recent article talked about the upcoming title, Warhawk, and how many of their game servers are running on off-the-shelf PS3’s. While not directly by my effort (I don’t support online games) it has been really cool seeing the setup get installed in the data center that is all of 100 feet from where I sit.

Please read the article as it give some additional details and links to some more pictures. The ones they used are o.k. but I think they could have done better.

Behind The Curtain: The Warhawk Servers

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