Even Disneyland overbooks flights

The family and I we to Disneyland today in the hopes to get another visit in before the upcoming “season of birthdays” that generally occupy every weekend from the beginning of March through May.

One of the rides we always enjoy going on is Soarin’ Over California at Disney’s California Adventure. As we always do, we made our way over to the ride and after waiting in line for a bit got in to take our seats. Becky and Brian were ahead of me and they were trying to determine which seats were theirs and then sat down, as did Kaelyn. Unfortunately, so did the group behind me leaving me without a seat. Sure, I could have gotten a little upset with the whoman who was inadvertantly sitting in what was supposed to be my seat, but the fact was the operator put too many people in our line. As a result, somebody had to get bumped. I decided to take the high road and just take a pass and let the others enjoy the ride. I simply exited the ride and waited in the exit hallway for them.

Brian was quite upset that I missed it so I asked if we could ride again. Fortunately, the operator was sensative to his error and was happy to let us all ride again after the group that was currently being seated was done. So, we were able to exit out the entrance and line up all anew. We took the added advantage to place ourselves in the sweet spot for the ride (the “cars” are in a 3×3 matrix before a parabolic screen so the center row (B2) is in the center of the screen and has the least distortion. They family got do ride it twice in succession and I got to get a decent story to blog about.

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